Rebound - Go, get a rebound
Help and FAQs
1. What personal information does Rebound take from me?
Rebound takes your age, gender, sexual preference and location. You don't have to share any sensitive information like your phone number, email id etc. on Rebound.
None of your information is visible to other users. Only if you find some one near you and Rebound pairs you up, you might need to exchange a pic and location data, but your partner can only see it if he / she also shares pics and location.

2. I have pressed "Meet new people" button and still no match found. What do I do?
Try to increase your search radius. Go to "preferences" in the app and increase the search area upto 100 KM.
Sometimes other people might not be active at the time. Don't cancel your request and wait, as soon as someone matching your sexual preference shows up, Rebound will alert you on your phone.

3. We have exchanged selfies and I like the person. What to do now?
If you like the person you are paired with, click on the "Meet" button in the app and you will then see a map with your and your partner's location. Now you can do the following:
1. You can message each other and try to get to know each other
2. You can talk with your match for free without worrying about giving him / her your phone number
3. You can exchange more pics and selfies with your match until you are totally convinced

4. As a woman how can I be safe on Rebound?
We always put safety of women first. Rebound was designed to let females have casual encounters while having full control, choices and not worrying about fake profiles.
To have a safe date / encounter / hookup, you should remember the following things:
1. Request as many selfies as you can, until you are convinced that the other person is the real deal
2. Call him / her using Rebound's call feature and avoid giving them your phone number
3. Set up a meeting at a nearby public place, like a bar, restaurant etc.

5. I see a timer in my call screen. What does "120 seconds" mean?
While messaging and photo exchanges are unlimited, we have to limit the call duration per match.
A user once paired with a stranger can talk using Rebound's free voice call for as many times as required, but the total call duration can not be above 2 minutes (120 seconds).

6. I have finished my 120 seconds free calling limit. Will I ever get it back?
Yes. This limit is only for a single date only. Once you end this date and gets paired with another person, you are again credited with 120 seconds of free call. Enjoy!

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